Bonjour, welcome,

My name is Régine Baumgärtner. I am a Guide Conférencier / Interprète National (Professional Guide Lecturer) in English, French, German and Spanish. I am a member of:

  • the Département Edudatif des Musées de Strasbourg (Educational Service of the Museums in Strasbourg)
  • the Départment Architecture et Patrimoine (Educational Service of Strasbourg Heritage promotion)
  • the Office de Tourisme de Strasbourg and region (Tourist Office).

I would enjoy guiding you through Alsace, Strasbourg and Colmar and presenting you the museums of Strasbourg and Colmar as well as their exhibitions.

For further information or reservations, please contact me by email: or by phone: +33 (0) 6 84 55 91 55.

Guided tours:

Guided tours Strasbourg: UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • Traditional guided tours: Cathedral, Historical Center “Grande Ile”, guided tours by bus, etc.
  • Thematic tours: European District, Neustadt Area, etc.
  • Historic sites: Mikvah, etc.
  • Guided tours in museums: Museum of modern and contemporary art, Tomi Ungerer Museum, etc.
  • Temporary exhibitions: Tomi Ungerer et le dessin de presse satirique, Faile, etc.

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Guides tours Colmar

  • Traditional guided tours: Historical Center, Little Venice, etc.
  • Works of art: Isenheim Altarpiece, La Vierge au buisson de roses, etc.
  • Guided tours in museums: Unterlinden Museum, Bartholdi Museum, Dominican Church, etc.

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Guided tours Alsace

  • Half-day excursion: Mont Saint-Odile, Obernai, Haut-Koenigsbourg, etc.
  • Full-day excursion: Wine Route, Romanesque Road of Alsace, etc.

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I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,

Régine Baumgärtner